Cam Newton Investigation: Was His Dad A Key Player in the Pay-To-Play Scandal?


Cam NewtonWill Auburn star quarterback Cam Newton be saying Bye Bye to any and all hopes for a Heisman. It appears so. Currently the NCAA has launched a high profile investigation to see if Cam and  his people were requesting money to sign on to a college’s football team. A big no-no in university level sports.  It appears that there was another key player in the pay-to-play scandal. His dad, the pastor Cecil Newton.

A ESPN reporter two of the recruiters from Mississippi were confronted by papa Cecil with the declaration that it would take “more than a scholarship” to get Cam to sign with them. And when Cam Newton signed on to Auburn he reportedly called Mississippi to tell them they choose the other school because “the money was too much.”

But here’s an interesting tidbit, apparently Cecil Newton’s church was in very bad condition and was to be demolished. But suddenly the money appeared to fix up the church and have it pass the inspections. A coincidence? The NCAA apparently doesn’t think so, they allegedly have requested all the church’s financial records.

Cecil Newton is still feigning innocence. Just yesterday he stated on a radio show that “This is a character assassination attempt,” he stated. “Who is going to profit and why are they are going to profit? We sure don’t.”

Character assassination attempt or were they really on the take?