Cam Newton NOT Suspended: How That False Rumor Got Started

Cam Newton Suspended
Cam Newton suspended: How the rumor started

If you’ve been on Twitter today, you probably thought Cam Newton was suspended, thanks to a rumor that started around noon and was retweeted by roughly a bajillion people. Newton is NOT suspended, at least not yet, as the Cam Newton NCAA investiation into allegations that the Auburn quarterback and his dad were looking for money during his college recruitment last year.

Newton’s dad, Cecil Newton, has denied any improper actions. Still, at midday a rumor began flying around the net that Cam had been suspended.

Best I can piece it together, that rumor originated with, a site devoted to all things Auburn, which tweeted that ESPN Dallas’ Ian Fitzimmons had said that Newton would be suspended within a few hours. Paul Finebaum, an Alabama radio announcer, also picked up the tweet, and the rumor was born, getting reported across all media as near fact.

Thing is, WarBlogle was just reporting what was being reported, which wasn’t all true — and it turned into a report itself. Check out this later status update to WarBlogle’s more than 2,000 followers: “This was all a social experiment. To the media guys blasting me for reporting something with no true source, biggest gotcha ever…”

I think it’s kind of funny the media needs to check their sourcing. What do you think?


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