Cam Newton Wins the Heisman Trophy - Will the NCAA Let Him Keep His Prize?


cam newtonIt’s official Cam Newton has won the Heisman Trophy in a landslide!  In fact the NCAA investigation into his father’s activities doesn’t seem to have had any impact on the voting at all.   The one lingering question is whether or not the recent NCAA investigation against Newton will allow him to keep the trophy. 

While Cecil Newton, who has been implicated in a pay-for-play scandal involving his son, decided to skip out on the evening’s ceremonies to keep the attention on the players, the football dad’s actions were felt all over the event.   

At issue is the elder Newton’s attempt to get Mississippi State University to offer up more than a scholarship for his son’s stellar football skills.  While the NCAA determined that Cam Newton was unaware of his father’s activities, it deemed him ineligible to play for about a day before he was reinstated.  He missed no playing time and came out relatively unscathed.  The last time a Heisman winner was dragged into a NCAA pay-for-play investigation resulted in sanctions against USC and cost Reggie Bush his award. 

Time will tell if the NCAA investigation will have any impact on Newton’s Heisman.  The fact that the NCAA didn’t step in before the awards were handed out should bode well for Newton getting to hang onto the prized trophy.