Cameron Diaz: Acting Pregnant Was "Really Fun"


cameron diaz, what to expect when you're expecting
Cameron Diaz looks good pregnant!

Cameron Diaz may be talking about pregnancy a lot lately, but settle down – it’s not the real deal.

Diaz plays a pregnant woman in the upcoming flick What To Expect When You’re Expecting. And the 39-year-old actress had tons of fun filming the new movie.

“That was fun — really fun,” she tells E! Online. “In this movie, everybody’s delivery scene is amazing.”

But don’t expect Cameron’s fake pregnancy to rub off into a real one. “I think the only thing that’s like being pregnant with that [fake] pregnancy belly was it was really hard to sit down,” she admits. “I don’t think that belly is what I should base wanting to be a mama on.”

Would you like to see Cameron really pregnant?

[Photo via Twitter.]