Cameron Diaz: Suri Loves Shrek's Princess Fiona


Well, it’s no surprise that Suri Cruise likes princesses. It’s just refreshing to learn that the four-year-old likes princesses who come in all shapes and sizes.  Cameron Diaz, who is the voice behind Shrek’s Princess Fiona, recently confided that Suri is a Shrek fan — and that Tom Cruise ruined a small part of the fairytale. Sheesh! Next thing you know he’ll tell poor Suri there’s no Santa Claus.

“It’s funny because Suri does know I’m Princess Fiona,” Diaz said after the premiere of Shrek Forever After. But apparently the actress wishes she didn’t.

“When parents say to their kids, ‘This is Princess Fiona,’ I just tell them, ‘Let the mystery and the fantasy live within them,'” she explains. “Let them believe that Princess Fiona is actually real.”

Regardless, Diaz seems happy to have Suri as a fan.

“I’m not going to speak for her, but yes, I think she does [love Shrek],” she laughs.