Cameron Diaz Teaches Movie Daughter To Swear



Maybe it’s for the best that Cameron Diaz doesn’t really want babies (she seems more like the crazy aunt type to me anyways). During the filming of her latest flick My Sister’s Keeper, Cameron apparently felt that it was time to give her 13 year-old co-star, Abigail Breslin, lessons in the art of dropping f-bombs.
From Hollyscoop.

“I did teach Abby how to say the f-word. I taught her how to drop the f-bomb in every way possible.”

“I said, ‘You’re a child in an adult’s world. I can’t be a child for you.”

“When she didn’t swear, I said, ‘You’re starting to offend me Abby. If you don’t start swearing every three words then I will fine you’.”

Wow, that’s a pretty out there position to take with someone else’s teenage daughter. Diaz reportedly informed Abby’s mom, and she was OK with it. So, I guess that’s cool.

Still, I’d say that Cameron has a pretty unconventional approach to dealing with kids. Cameron apparently can’t be a kid for Abby, or even stand to let Abby be one.

I really don’t think I wanna teach my kids that it’s childish not to fill every verbal pause with an f-bomb. You know, I could just see how it could lead to problems down the road.