Camila Alves Doesn't "Believe In" Stress


Well, here’s something I’ve never heard from a mother of two young children before. Shear Genius host Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey’s girlfriend and mother of his children — Levi, 20 months, and Vida, nine weeks — says in a recent interview: “”The word ‘stress,’ I don’t believe in that.” That quote seemed to garner some negative reaction from commenters on the site where it was posted.

Over at, which interviewed Alves, here is a sample reaction from an agitated reader:

Of course she has the resources and ability to ‘have fun and relax,’ she is not consumed with daily survival issues that many young mothers in this country are faced with. This story is insulting and demonstrates a complete lack of empathy and understanding about what the early motherhood experience is for many.”

What do you think?  Personally, I like to give moms the benefit of the doubt and I bet she meant no offense, but surely having the resources of Matthew McConaughey makes life a tad less stressful — and a bit easier to “not believe in” stress at all.