Camila Alves Out And About In The Big Apple (Photos)


Supermodel and supermom Camila Alves was spotted rocking a super stylish blue lace jacket while she was out and about running a few errands in New York City on Wednesday afternoon.

The celebrity mother-of-three looked like her regular gorgeous self as she tried to mind her own business while the paparazzi were busy snapping her pic. Hey, it’s not easy being a celebrity in the Big Apple!

Check out all of our photos in our gallery below and let us know what you think! Camila’s got great out and about style, doesn’t she?

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    Camila Alves
    Camila Alves, wearing a blue leather jacket, heads out around Tribeca in New York City.
  • Blue! 2 of 5
    I am LOVING this blue jacket that she's rocking.
  • Chic 3 of 5
    Talk about chic mom style.
  • Supermodel Mom 4 of 5
    Supermodel Mom
    But then again she's a supermodel, so it's not like we'd expect anything less of her!
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    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    What do you think of Camila's out and about style?

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