Camille Grammer Says She and Kelsey "Didn't Mesh Sexually"

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Camille Grammer and Kelsey Grammer didn't have sex in two years?

Camille Grammer appeared on The View January 31 and she is speaking out yet again, about her ex-husband Kelsey Grammer. Maybe this time she is giving out too much information???

“You implied on part one of the reunion show that you and Kelsey Grammer hadn’t had sex in a couple years,” Barbara Walters said. “Why were you surprised that he wanted someone else?”

Two years??? Good question Barbara!

“You should ask him!” Camille replied. “Something just didn’t click with us on an intimate level. But we were best friends.”

Hmmm, something didn’t click?

When she started to talk about how sad she is that Kelsey cheated on her, Barbara shrugged, “You’ve also lost a man who was not your lover!”

“We just didn’t mesh sexually,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star told HLN’s Joy Behar after her appearance on the view.  

“Was it his fault or your fault or both?” Behar asked.

“Could be both, but it was more on his end,” Camille said.

Camille revealed the former Frasier star refused to cuddle her because he was “too busy watching FOX News!”

“He didn’t want to cuddle,” Camille told Behar.

Regardless of their issues in the bedroom, Camille still seemed genuinely upset over the end of her marriage.