Can Angelina Jolie Take On Vladimir Putin For Him To Overturn Russias New Adoption Laws?


She’s a mother of six children, with three of who are adopted. She’s one of the most recognizable Hollywood stars in the world, and she’s also one of the most beautiful. Of course, she’s Angelina Jolie. She’s also a bad ass on the big screen, but does she really have what it takes to take on one of the world’s biggest bad asses: Vladimir Putin?

Angie’s taken on villains, creepy CIA agents and fast cars on the big screen, and he’s taken on Russia’s economic struggles, creepy politicians and really cold weather for all we know. She can kick ass, and he can show off some serious judo moves. But what would happen if the two actually met vis-Ý -vis about Putin’s recent ruling that has banned Americans from adopting Russian children?

Many American families are in turmoil right now, as they’ve spent months, and if not years trying to finalize their adoption papers to bring home their sons or daughters from Russia. But does Angelina Jolie, who is best known for some of her films, including Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Shark Tale, (a classic, if you ask me), have what it takes to make a real political statement (and maybe even ease Russian and U.S. tensions in Washington) after all of her years globetrotting the world in her diplomatic quests for human rights?

One source close to the actress says: “Angelina thinks the adoption ban is retaliation against a new U.S. law seeking to punish Russians accused of human-rights violations,” explained the source. She went through diplomatic channels to extend an olive branch to Putin in an attempt to smooth over strained relations between the countries.”

The source added: “In light of Angelina’s rank in the diplomatic community, it will be difficult for Putin to dismiss her out of hand. Getting Putin to change Russia’s policy would not only help numerous orphans, but also be a major coup for Angie.”

Sure, we’ve heard the stories over and over again how so many humanitarian-minded celebrities are feeding the poor in third world countries and fighting for equal rights in places that would also double up as great film scouting locations. So, Angelina Jolie, here’s your chance to not only help make a difference in the world, but somewhat help many American families at home who have the same dreams of you when it comes to raising a loving family, regardless of where their babies come from.

The balls’ in your court, babe. Unless, of course the only Russian spies you can take on are the fictional ones, and if so, then I rest my case.

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