Can Lizzie Olsen Outshine Mary Kate & Ashley's Reputation?


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Can Lizzie Olsen Outshine Her Sisters, Mark Kate and Ashley?

Lizzie Olsen has a challenge ahead of her if she wants to be a respected actress in Hollywood. Now that the up and coming actress is starring in two films at this weekend’s Sundance Film Festival, Olsen better hope that many don’t just shrug her off as just another Olsen offspring.

There is good and bad that comes with being related to the Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley. Fortunately, the Olsen twins are running a billion dollar empire. They are respected in the business aspect of fame, but when it comes to their acting abilities, they are basically child stars who could not make it work as adults.

So unfortunately, there is no credibility as far as talent in the acting sense. Hopefully, Lizzie Olsen can prove everyone wrong and become the Olsen offspring who flew under the radar – the underdog of Hollywood.

Yes, I am rooting for this girl. She looks absolutely beautiful and seems to be working with some of the best in Hollywood. They must know something that we don’t. But I am sure that once her films are previewed on a larger scale, we can make an accurate judgement pertaining to her acting ability.

Are you as excited to see what Lizzie Olsen is capable of?