Can Prince William and Kate Middleton Have a Baby? Kate May Have Fertility Issues

Prince William Kate Middleton
Will the Royal Couple have a baby?

As soon as we watched Prince William and Kate Middleton marry last month, thought instantly turned to a royal bump watch.  Royal couples traditionally have a baby within a year of getting married.

But, it might be difficult for Kate to get pregnant.

A source close to Camilla has said, “Health complications from Kate’s adolescence raised red flags that may have an impact on her ability to conceive.”

My very first thought when I heard that is that I find it hard to believe.  Because the couple knows how important it is to royal tradition for them to produce an heir, I would think that they would have already had Kate checked out for possible fertility issues before the wedding. Before even the engagement.

But, another source says that the couple was so in love that they decided to ignore the possible challenges to producing an heir to the throne.

Photo: PCN

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