Can Russell Survive Survivor Redemption Island?

survivor duel
Russell Hantz voted off Survivor to Redemption Island

Love him or hate him, Russell Hantz is one of the most infamous Survivor players ever.  He’s one of my favorites, even though he tends to be a villain most of the time- he’s an amazing game player when it comes to Survivor.

But, on tonight’s episode of Survivor, Russell’s tribe- because, really, that’s what they are called, right?- threw the immunity challenge and voted Russell out! How will Russell do on Redemption Island?

He showed up thinking that Francesca would be his opponent on Redemption Island because his team lied to him. But, he will be facing Matt.

Russell’s game play has always been more of a mental strategy than actually having to win challenges. But, it seems like anything goes on Redemption Island. Francesca even almost beat Matt in the first Duel.

I hope Russell sticks around for a while, because he makes for good tv. I wonder if Survivor is hoping for a Russell vs Rob Duel? Oh, how dramatic that would be!

Do you want Russell around for a while longer or were you happy to see him go to Redemption Island?