Cancel Halloween: Why It Won't Be The Same Without Heidi Klum And Seal

It's over, people. It really is.

Heidi Klum and Seal gave us a lot of things during their seven year marriage: great photo ops with their beautiful kids, lots of kissy touchy and heavy on the PDA interviews with Oprah, seven reasons why we shouldn’t renew our vows every year and most importantly: epic Halloween parties.

Hey, if you weren’t invited to Heidi and Seal’s yearly Halloween parties in Las Vegas, you might as well have stayed home that night.

Just this past year, the couple went their separate ways the Saturday night of Klum’s 13th annual Halloween extravaganza. The Project Runway host showed up in Las Vegas as a dead body stripped as skin while Seal was out on tour in Belgium.

They teamed up that Monday as apes, however, for a second Halloween party in New York City, held on the actual holiday.

Basically, if you’ve dreamt it, or even thought about it, most likely Heidi and Seal wore it for Halloween.

Check out this photo gallery of some of their past Halloween costumes and tell us, do you know of a couple that is as Halloween-crazy as Heidi and Seal? I don’t. There will be a certain sadness when I pick out the best candy out of my children’s Halloween bags after they go to sleep this year when I think of the Heidi and Seal Halloween party that could have been.


Photo via Instagram


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