Cancer-Striken Michael Douglas Visits Son in Prison

Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas visits son in prison despite battle with cancer

Despite his battle with cancer, Michael Douglas has been making the three-hour trip from Manhattan to Pennsylvania to visit his jailed son Cameron.

His son is serving a five-year prison term for drug dealing.

Physically ravaged by his courageous battle with advanced throat cancer, the actor is recuperating from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

“Michael is still visiting with Cameron,” the actor’s longtime friend and publicist Allen Burry told

“He’s not going every day and not as often as he would like, but he is still visiting with him.”

Cameron, 31, was sentenced in April to five years in prison in Lewisburg Federal Prison Camp, nearly 200 miles from New York City.  Expected to be released in December 2013, Michael’s son could get out a year early if he completes a prison drug-treatment program.

Earlier this week, Michael, 66, was photographed looking thin and frail, causing speculation that his health had worsened.  But Burry said, “Michael completed his treatment about three weeks ago and is recuperating from the process,” Burry said.  “No further treatments are scheduled.”

Douglas underwent eight weeks of treatment for a walnut-sized tumor at the base of his tongue, but according to Burry, the actor “remains in good spirits.”

Photo: PCN