Cannes: Yes, Salma Hayek Looks Totally Hot...Again (Photos)

Selma Hayek Continues Her Hotness

There aren’t many Hollywood stars that I would want to be for a day, but Salma Hayek – she’s on the the top of this list. Just to wake up in the morning and to look like this, well that would be pretty cool. Plus being fluent in Spanish, having access to her wardrobe and being married to a billionaire wouldn’t be too shabby either.

Salma Hayek proved yet again, how totally gorgeous, voluptuous, and hot she is at the Cannes premiere of Madagascar 3. This not-your-average everyday-soccer-mom wore a gown by Gucci (which is convenient since her husband’s family owns the company). This dress is actually a Gucci Premiere gown the collection which was made for her. Yeah, like I said, I’d love to be her for a day!

Check out her whole ensemble right here: