Can't Stop the Cuteness! Tori Spelling's New Kid Tweets (Photos)

A loving big brother moment

Okay, SERIOUSLY. If you’re looking for a regular dose of kid-cuteness, then you need to schedule daily visits to Tori Spelling‘s Twitter feeds. As @ToriandDean, Tori can be counted on to post her three children’s “awwww” moments at least once a day, if not more.

We already reported on Tori’s Christmas tweets, which included the photo at left of little Liam planting a big-brotherly kiss on baby sister Hattie. But the sweetness doesn’t stop there! Take a look at the shots Tori has shared in the last couple of days, and dare you not to smile.

(Aha! Caught you grinning!)

  • They start so young nowadays! 1 of 4
    They start so young nowadays!
    "Omg...Stella was flirting with this older boy Dean! She came over and said, "mom, I need lipgloss!"
  • Every mom’s toy nightmare 2 of 4
    Every mom's toy nightmare
    "Enough to send any mom over the edge," Tori sighs, adding the hashtags #DamnUSantaAkaMe and #PreAssembledIsWhereItsAt
  • Rock-a-bye baby! 3 of 4
    Rock-a-bye baby!
    Little Hattie snoozes in dad Dean McDermott's arms after a fireside restaurant dinner.
  • Tori’s treats 4 of 4
    Tori's treats
    "My Xmas presents" from husband Dean McDermott included this Neil Lane antique scarab bracelet and moonstone ring.

[Photos: via Twitter]

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