Can't Wait To See Dexter as a Single Dad? Watch Season 5 Premiere for Free SAFE!


Dexter season 5Last week we finished watching Dexter season four. We sadly don’t have all those fancy schancy premiere channels like HBO and Showtime so we are relegated to watch hot tickets like Dexter on DVD (thank you Netflix!). The last season of Dexter was riveting, emotional and yes, very very shocking. The last episode left us stunned. And since our marathon viewing of season four, I can not get the cliffhanger out of my head.

At random times during my day I’ll think of the show. Primarly, what will be the fate of the kids. A slew of questions haunt me such as; how he will handle being a single dad, how will he explain their mom’s fate to the children, will his step kids live with him or their grandparents, and will he get a nanny and will she/he be a new starring character? So many questions!

But it turns out I don’t have to wait for the DVD release of season five, I can check out the season opener free on my computer. I’m not to savvy with that whole watching stuff on my laptop deal, but my curiosity might just get the best of my and I might just get some of my questions answered by watching it now but I’ll be cautious of where I try to see it.

There are several sites – which don’t appear to be legal- that claim that they have Dexter Season 5 episode one entitled “My Bad” for free viewing.  But I can’t verify if these are really free, non-spammy, or safe,  they seem to want you to download some kind of player or program, which I’m so not going to do. The best bet? You can go to Showtime where they stream teaser episodes, in a sly way to get you hooked and subscribe to an entire season or more. You can check that out here!

Did you watch the premiere? Thoughts?

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