Cap n' Crunch: Michelle Obama Forces Captain Crunch's Retirement?

captain crunch
Michelle Obama Responsible For Captain Crunch's Demise?

How many of you grew up eating Cap n’ Crunch with or without crunch berries? I know I did. Captain Crunch was my favorite cereal as a kid, and now there is speculation that the Captain may be docking his ship for good. Did Michelle Obama have something to do with forcing Captain Crunch into retirement?

Rumors are swirling about what is going on with Cap n’ Crunch since he no longer appears on the Quaker website. There is even talk that pressure from the federal government, in particular Michelle Obama’s whole anti-obesity iniative is part of the reason for Captain Crunch’s absence from the site.

Quaker denies that Captain Crunch has exited the building, saying, “Reports of Cap’n Crunch’s demise are greatly exaggerated. In fact, we just launched an official Facebook page for Cap’n Crunch. Now that our Cap’n Crunch brand is in the social-media space, our adult consumers can stay up to date on all things Cap’n Crunch.”

So, what’s the official verdict? Did Michelle Obama kill Captain Crunch, or will he re-emerge in the social media sphere?