Cap'n Crunch is Alive and Well: He's Even Tweeting and On Facebook!

captain crunch
Cap'n Crunch is alive and well!

Despite Michelle Obama and the federal government’s anti-obsesity initiative, and the fact that we are aware that Cap’n Crunch has pretty much no nutritional value on its own, Cap’n Crunch isn’t going anywhere!

In fact, Cap’n Crunch is now tweeting to tell people he is alive and well! About 23 hours ago, he tweeted: “I’m hearing the rumors. I would never retire. I love being a captain too much!”

Sure, we want our kids to eat healthy.  But, I bet that Cap’n Crunch is probably not the worst thing our kids can eat for breakfast.  Everything in moderation, folks!

We’re glad that Cap’n Crunch is still around! Not only can you find him on twitter, but the Cap’n is on facebook, too.