Captain Sig Hansen: Supports His Deadliest Catch Costars to the End


sig hansenWhen there are rough waters – fishermen stick together.  That’s exactly what is happening over at Discovery TV’s Deadliest Catch with Captain Sig Hansen deciding to jump ship in support of his co-stars the Hillstrand Brothers. 

Capt. Sig Hansen has been very vocal in his support of his Deadliest Catch costars – Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand – following the news earlier this month that Discovery TV was suing the brothers for $3 million for breach of contract after a proposed spin-off series crumbled.  

“I am very surprised that after all we have been through this past year, Discovery would attack Capt. John and Andy like this,” Hansen told  The Hollywood Reporter. “I want people to know the captains stand together and me and my brothers support them 100%.”

It has been a rough year for the fishermen at Deadliest Catch who lost their co-star Captain Phil Harris earlier this year due to complications from a stroke.

The lawsuit over the spin-off series, Hillstranded, was the final straw that caused Hansen and the Hillstand brothers to jump ship on any further seasons of the hit show.

Will you watch without Sig Hansen and the Hillstrand brothers?

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