Carey Hart and Pink's Baby Girl: Hart Says He'll Be Overprotective of Willow Sage!

Carey Hart and Pink's baby born June 2, 2011
Pink is Reportedly 12 Weeks Pregnant

Carey Hart is a new daddy, as wife Pink announced on Twitter that they had a little girl, Willow Sage, last night.

How will Carey Hart and Pink adapt to parenthood? Just last month, Hart told that Pink was “going to be awesome” as a mom, noting, “She’s just so connected and so ready to be a mother.”

Carey Hart also spoke a bit about how their child “is going to have a great experience,” adding, “He or she is going to travel the world with us … [and] I think we’ll have a pretty well-rounded kid.”

Hart also shared that he may be a wee bit overprotective if they had a baby girl (which they did!): “I’m pretty intimidating looking so I feel sorry for a little girl trying to bring boys home. Between my very headstrong wife and myself, I feel sorry if we have a girl.”

Aw, something tells me their little girl will do just fine!

Can’t wait to see Carey Hart / Pink baby photos – how about you?

Image: PR Photos

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