Carla Bruni Upset Over Pregnant Magazine Cover

Reports say Carla Bruni is carrying twins

Carla Bruni isn’t too happy with French glossy gossip mag Gala using a photo of the heavily pregnant First Lady of France as their magazine cover.

The Italian-born wife of Nicholas Sarkozy has kept mum about her pregnancy up to now and although she’s not upset that she’s been photographed parading her bump, she’s just none too pleased that the pic landed at the wrong publication.

Apparently, the photo used for Gala’s magazine cover shows Carla hosting a retreat for wives of navy officers fighting in Libya, which was supposed to first appear in the French newspaper Var Martin exclusively.

According to Gala, the pregnant pictures of the ex-Victoria’s Secret model were sold to the publication by an agency.  To make the First Lady happy though, the magazine plans on publishing a tribute to navy wives.

Carla is pregnant with President Sarkozy’s fourth child, although it’s reported (but unconfirmed) that she is carrying twins.

She has a son, Aurelien, 10, from a previous relationship.

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