Carnie Wilson Says Having Kids Derailed Keeping Weight Off


carnie-wilson-gives-birth-babyCarnie Wilson, who underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1999 and then posed for Playboy in 2003 to show off her new body, tells People magazine she again needs help to lose weight. This after she received a wake-up call on the Dr. Oz Show upon weighing in at 218 pounds on her 5’3″ frame. The singer and reality show star (Carnie Wilson: Unstapled) says having kids “derailed” sustaining the weight she had lost, and that she hasn’t lost the weight she gained with daughter Luciana, born in June. So how much did she gain in each of her two pregnancies?

Carnie says she gained 61 pounds with Luciana and 70 pounds with daughter Lola, now 4, which far exceed guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Family Physicians. AAFP’s suggested ranges of weight gain are: 28-40 pounds for underweight women, 25-35 pounds for normal-weight women and 15-25 pounds for women who are overweight.

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