Carnie Wilson Seeks Weight Loss Help From Dr. Oz


carnie-wilson-lola-199x300Is Carnie Wilson’s weight putting her health at risk? After years of dieting, gastric bypass surgery, and then two pregnancies, Carnie Wilson’s struggles with obesity have come to a head yet again, but this time they may have met their match.

The Unstapled star (that’s the title of her reality show, FYI — it doesn’t mean her gastric bypass surgery was reversed) is getting a consultation from tough-talking TV doc Mehmet Oz… and he’s reportedly set out to make the show an intervention of sorts.

At 218 pounds, Carnie has reportedly been unable to shed the 60lbs she gained during her pregnancy with now 7-month-old Luciana.

What do you think Oz will tell her? What’s Carnie’s most serious problem here: Obesity or chronic dieting?

I’m guessing that the Doc will tell Carnie that, if she wants to meet her grandchildren, she’s gotta shape up.

I’ve only seen Oz’s actual show once, but it was an episode when he confronted a cowboy who at nothing but steak. Unsurprisingly, it turned out that the guy had already developed diabetes.