Carnie Wilson's Daughter Is Not Jealous Of The Baby


carnie_wilson_familyCarnie Wilson recently dished out details about family life in an exclusive interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop. With two daughters, Lola, 4, and Luci, 8 months, she has a lot to smile about.

When asked how older sister Lola is dealing with the baby, there seems to be no sibling jealousy.

She exclaimed, “Lola adores Luci! She’s had a very good time adjusting, it’s been very smooth. We’re so blessed with both the girls. From the minute that Lola knew we were pregnant, she was thrilled. The day that Luci was born, she was thrilled. She kisses her non-stop.

I’ve heard horror stories. It’s so sad when there’s that horrible jealousy, but I really think it’s the parents’ responsibility to introduce way early on that the love is going to be shared. That’s what love is for, it’s for sharing! Lola understands that. And I really try to make a point when everyone’s doting over Luci, I say ‘And look at Lola!’ I really try.”

How did your oldest child treat the youngest? Were they sweet or nasty?