Caroline Manzo Talks Albie's Law School Woes, Seeing Your Children Hurt


A whole bunch of drama happened on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa threw a huge party complete with Playboy bunny waitresses and 2 Kims, and Danielle got her buhbies done. Those are situations some of us may have to deal with, but a larger percentage will probably never have a similar experience. One thing we will all have to face, and one of the few times on RHONJ, I’ve ever been able to personally relate, is the failure of a child.

Caroline’s son Albie does not have a high enough GPA to be invited back to law school for a second year. He has a learning disability that he’s dealt with his whole life. Caroline does an excellent job at giving a pep talk and expands upon her feelings as a mother on her blog.

“For those that are parents out there, I’m sure you knew exactly what I meant when I said how badly you feel when your child hurts.  Albie has been classified since he was in Junior High School. He’s always struggled academically, but he persevered and overcame many obstacles with the help of his Special Education teachers and support at home. The one thing Albie never did was give up.”

Albie was told not to apply to Fordham by a school counselor. Caroline was present and says, “When we got in the car I looked at Albie and told him to never let anyone tell him he can’t do anything. If you have the heart and desire to work it will happen. Albie applied to Fordham University. Al and I told him to make an appointment for an interview with the application committee. Although his grades were average, after meeting Albie and reviewing his records, he was accepted. Albie graduated with a BA in business from Fordham University in May of 2008.”

To help him get through things, Albie keeps a bulletin board of his accomplishes to remind him that with hard work anything is possible. “I am not that mother that thinks my children deserve to have the world handed to them,” Caroline continues. “I’m quite the opposite; I believe everything in life is earned, especially with my kids. To spoil your child and pave their way in life is the biggest disservice you could do. They will never survive once you’re gone. Albie deserved to be in that school. He deserved the chance to be heard. He certainly didn’t deserve to be told he wasn’t smart enough and didn’t belong.”

It’s excellent advice. And to cap it all off, she leaves a heartfelt message: “P.S. To my kids – if any of you are reading this, Mom and Dad are very proud of each of you and love you more than anything. :o)”


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