Carrie Preston: Pregnant on 'True Blood' and In Real Life?


True Blood star Carrie Preston plays the role of pregnant Arlene in HBO’s Sunday night hit.  But, is she pregnant in real life as well?

The wife of LOST star Michael Emerson recently sat down with PopWrap to discuss this season of the hit series and talk about pregnancy.

“Arlene is kind of superstitious person. She’s someone who takes things at face value and to be pregnant with an evil person’s baby is not something she’s comfortable with [laughs]. You’ve now seen the dilemma she’s been presented with and that carries us though these last three episodes she has some solutions presented to her and big choices to make.”

Could this storyline have been written to cover-up a real life pregnancy?  It has been done before with Lisa Kudrow in Friends.  Only time will tell.

Do you think Carrie Preston could be pregnant?