Carrie Underwood Denies Pregnancy Rumors

carrie underwood pregnant
Carrie Underwood Says She Is Not Pregnant

Amid a swirl of rumors to the contrary, a rep for Carrie Underwood insists that she is not pregnant. Reports of a Carrie Underwood pregnancy came out earlier this week, insisting that the gorgeous blond was expecting her first child with husband, Mike Fisher.

Carrie’s rep was very blunt, only saying, “Carrie is not pregnant.”

Pregnancy news in Hollywood seems to be all the rage these days, but apparently Carrie Underwood is not part of the baby bump craze…yet.

Underwood recently said, “Everybody, like, is on this baby bandwagon, I don’t know what the deal is…But I would really like to figure out what it’s like to be married first, and I know he (Fisher) would too.”

Something tells me that it won’t be too much longer before Carrie Underwood hops on that bandwagon too.

Photo: PRPhotos