Is Carrie Underwood Ready For Motherhood?


Carrie Underwood’s rat terrier Ace, who will serve as a ring bearer at her wedding to pro hockey beau Mike Fisher, is apparently preparing her for motherhood in addition to his crucial role in her nuptials.

“I definitely think I have some motherly instincts and hopefully he gets me ready for stuff like that. [But] not anytime soon!”

So besides the fact a dog will serve in the wedding party, what else do we know about the bride-to-be’s plans?

She’s mum on the designer of her gown, but reveals: “It’s really pretty. It’s very in the beginning stages and it’s very me. It’s just girly and pretty, and it’s simple and glamorous at the same time.”

She prefers cupcakes to a traditional wedding cake.

The exact wedding date is still in the works. Are we buying that or is she just trying to throw off the paps? Usually you set the date and then pick a dress. But, hey, I guess the princess of country music can do it in whatever order she chooses!


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