Carrie Underwood Honors Her Mom in Music Video

carrie underwood
Carrie Underwood belts it out in concert.

No matter how famous she gets, it seems Carrie Underwood will always be a country sweetheart who loves her mom. An the singer’s new music video honors her mom in a big way: by starring the woman who raised her.

Underwood’s mom–and husband, Mike Fisher–both made cameos in her new “Mama’s Song” video, premiering on Friday. The song is about leaving home and finding love, so it only makes sense that her two loved ones make appearances. “[Mike’s] not ‘in’ it but you can tell its him,” the 27-year-old singer told People about her hubby’s spot in the video. “He hung out with my mom [on set] and he’s great with her.”

Mom and hubby getting along so well? It’s almost too cute for words (but totally cute enough for a song).


Photo: Kent Miller/PR Photos