Carrie Underwood May Adopt, Plus the Funny Text From Husband Mike Fisher About Waiting to Have Kids

Carrie Underwood pregnant adopt Mike Fisher
Carrie Underwood may adopt a child?

Carrie Underwood was quoted the other day about waiting awhile before having kids, but in a new interview, Underwood said that she and husband Mike Fisher may adopt at some point.

Underwood tells Hollyscoop: “I would love to adopt someday. I’ve told Mike this. I would love for us to be able to have a couple of kids and for them to grow up a little bit and we all as a family decide that’s what is best for us. I would love to be able to adopt, not right now. I’m talking years if not decades from now.”

So, no rush on Carrie Underwood getting pregnant… and definitely no rush on adopting a child.

Underwood said that so far they are just enjoying marriage: “Everyone says the first month is the hardest, or the fourth month or the eighth month. We’re just enjoying it.”

Last year, Carrie shared a funny text from Mike that was a clue that having kids would be a wait: “Watching my friend’s kids … let’s wait a while.”




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