Carrie Underwood Pregnant?

carrie underwood pregnant
Is Carrie Underwood Pregnant?

Is Carrie Underwood pregnant? Star Magazine is reporting that the singer is expecting her first child with hockey husband, Mike Fisher.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher were married this past July, so they are moving fairly fast as far as starting a family goes if this rumor is true.

In the past, Underwood has said that she wanted to have kids, but that she and Mike were going to wait a while longer before trying to get pregnant. Did Carrie’s biological clock start ticking early?

A “source” close to the couple told Star, “They’re keeping a lid on the news for at least a few more weeks, then they’ll make a big announcement, but they are absolutely ecstatic!”

What is it with “friends” of celebrities running to the tabloids to expose their baby news? It’s a pretty lousy and cheap way to make a buck, if you ask me.

The “insider” says that Carrie is due this summer. If she is pregnant, then I hope she’s prepared to throw away that daily food log that she often brings up in interviews. Calorie counting and pregnancy don’t exactly go hand in hand.

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