Cars 2: See New Clips of the Movie! (Video)

cars 2 preview
Cars 2 opens in theaters June 24

Are your kids excited for the June 24th opening of Cars 2? My boys have loved the Cars characters forever.

“Cars” was the first movie that my oldest saw in theaters. My youngest watched the dvd so much that he said “Ka-chow” before he said “mama.” So, the Cars 2 opening is big news around here!

If your kids can’t wait either, you can take a look at three new Cars 2 clips here. The first is classic Lightning McQueen and Mater, meeting Francesco, who Lightning will race against. The second introduces us to a new character: Finn. The third is an action sequence with Finn and Mater, that my boys have already requested to rewatch about ten times this morning. Looks like Cars 2 will be just as much fun as the original:

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