Carson Daly Talks The Voice and Babies (Video)

Ce Lo Green and Carson Daily Battling It OUT

Are you ready to tune in for the biggest battle on TV? The Voice starts tonight and the boxing gloves are off!

I was invited on Friday to see a pre-screening and conference with Ce Lo and Carson Daly. I have to admit I have not really watched The Voice, but I am a newfound fan! The first episode of the battle rounds is one of the the most incredible episodes I have seen in a long time in a music competition.  Check out the video below of Team Cee Lo’s Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte duking it out on Mariah Carey‘s “Vision of Love.”

Ce Lo Green and Carson Daily The Gloves Are Off

This season, the battle rounds have a new spin as Adam Levine, Ce Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton can take a “steal.” This allows a coach to pick up a singer from another coach after they have  lost their battle.  It totally changes the game and the looks on the judges faces when they loose a gem is pricesless!

Carson Daily lit up when was asked how he felt about all of the families he meets backstage he said, “I feel so much a part of these families.  I see my dad in the dads.  I see my grandmother in the grandmothers. This experience in this room, watching their loved ones sing in front of these coaches and ”‘”‘ it’s a lot of high highs and lot of low lows, and I’m just screaming for “Turn your chair, CeeLo.”  I mean, it’s real emotion for me.”

Carson was even more excited to talk about his new addition “Etta Jones is my daughter, was born a month ago yesterday.  She’s great.  She’s eating constantly.  So we’re not getting a whole lot of sleep, but it’s been amazing.  And, yeah, she’ll be ”‘”‘ “The Voice” really runs ”‘”‘ my son Jack is three and a half, goes to all the shows.  He calls it “The Big Hand Show.”  So he’s excited to take “baby sissy” to The Big Hand Show.  And we’re excited that NBC has ordered so many episodes of Big Hand Show, so my children will be growing up and we’ll feel lucky to be able to do that.  She’s doing great.”


The battle rounds for Season 3 of The Voice begin Monday at 8 PM on NBC.

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