Cartoon Character Pictures for Facebook: The Best Movie Cartoons for Your Profile Picture


cartoon characters for facebookThe pictures of all our favorite cartoons have been hitting Facebook all weekend!  We’ve seen all of our favorite Saturday morning cartoons and the original Nickelodeon standards popping up all over the place.   While seeing the images has been a lot of fun, we’ve all got to remember that the viral movement is happening to help raise awareness about child abuse and violence.

Even though many of the favorite cartoon cartoon character pictures for Facebook have been from the Saturday morning cartoons, who can forget those adorable cartoons from the movies – Snow White, Lightning McQueen, Sully from Monsters Inc,  Buzz and Woody from Toy Story, Bambi, and Simba from The Lion King.  


Whether you are a Disney princess kind of girl or Lightning McQueen is your man, we’ve got your movie themed cartoon characters for your Facebook profile.  If you haven’t had a chance to pick your cartoon character picture for Facebook yet, we’ve got the best of the cartoon movie characters to choose from…..

Which is your pick for your Cartoon Character Picture for Facebook?

 beauty and the beast


finding nemo

lightning mcqueen


snow white

the incredible

the lion king

toy story