Cartoon Character Pictures for Facebook: Are Some Cartoon Characters Creepy?


wile-e-coyoteCartoon character pictures for Facebook are everywhere! Millions of people across the Web are trying to raise awareness about child abuse. Facebook members are using cartoon character pictures for Facebook to raise awareness about violence against children.

Cartoon characters from the 80’s, cartoons from the 90’s, and cartoons from the 70’s are burning up the Internet but are some cartoon characters creepy? Here are some cartoon characters that I would avoid in a dark alley:

Wile-E-Coyote – EW! Wile-E-Coyote makes my skin crawl, and not just because he’s had boulders dropped on him about 7000 times.  He’s too skinny and he looks like he hasn’t been brushed in years.  Definitely creepsville.

Rocko – Rocko is kind of creepy. He’s a dog but he wears Hawaiian shirts and shoes?  But he doesn’t wear any PANTS?  That is totally creepy!

Care Bears – I’m sure I’m the only one on the planet who thinks Care Bears are creepy but I can’t help it!  These bears have tattoos on their bellies and Care Bares are all kinds of different colors!  Seriously, Care Bears make my skin crawl.

What cartoon characters do you find creepy? Talk to me!