Cartoon Characters on Facebook: Is the Facebook Cartoon Campaign a Hoax?


cartoon characters on facebookCartoon characters have been showing up all over Facebook this week in a reported effort to raise awareness of violence against children.  Now as the campaign is nearing its end, rumors are swirling that the entire Facebook cartoon campaign may in fact be a complete hoax.

It all started out innocently enought with a few cartoon pictures popping up on friends profiles.  Then came the walls posts announcing that the cartoon characters were actually part of a campaign to help stop violence against children. 

Is the Cartoon Character Campaign on Facebook a Hoax?

The messages themselves read something like, “In support of anti-child violence, change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood. Until Monday Dec. 6, there should be no human faces on Facebook, but an invasion of memories. Join the fight against CHILD ABUSE. Invite your friends to do the same.”

The catch is that nobody can really seem to pinpoint the origin of the campaign and that no non-profit organization is laying claim to the movement itself. 

Now it appears that there is a counter-movement afoot attempting to stop the cartoon characters in their animated tracks.  The new messages that have started to appear claim, “ATTENTION! Just reported that the group that started the post about changing your profile picture to a cartoon character is actually a pedophiles group that is doing this because its easier to get accepted friend requests! Please re-post.”

Much like the original posts there seems to be little credence to the counter-campaign to stop the Facebook cartoons.  In reality having a cartoon character as your avatar would not make it easier to get accepted as a friend online.  While both campaigns are probably a hoax, the entire weekend of seeing all your childhood cartoon favs online has been a lot of fun for everyone!