Cartoon Characters On Facebook: Taking Yours Down After Hoax?

Cartoon Characters on Facebook: Gargamel

The cartoon characters on Facebook have many people asking themselves the same question: “Why is everyone’s Facebook picture a cartoon?” The cartoon characters for Facebook were originally put up because people wanted to raise awareness about child abuse and violence. Last night, however, rumors surfaced that the cartoon characters on Facebook were a hoax set up by online child predators. After the Facebook cartoon hoax hooplah, will you be taking down your cartoon character Facebook profile pic?

It’s quite ironic that one of the most popular cartoon characters on Facebook was Gargamel, the notorious villain from The Smurfs. Gargamel seems like the perfect poster child for the whole Facebook cartoon hoax, doesn’t he?

So far, I’ve noticed that a lot of the cartoon characters on Facebook have been taken down. When will you change yours back to a real photo?