Cartoon Pictures For Facebook Profile: Care Bear Pictures All Over Facebook!

care bear pictures cartoon pictures for facebook profile
Care Bear Pictures Popular On Facebook

Cartoon pictures for Facebook profiles are all the rage this week! If you scroll through your list of Facebook friends, you will see many with Care Bear pictures as the cartoon pictures for their Facebook profile. People are choosing classic cartoon characters, especially cartoon characters from the 80’s, to change their Facebook profile pictures to as a way of standing up to child violence. Other popular cartoon pictures for Facebook profiles include Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite.

The Care Bears was such a cute show, and I remember watching them as a kid! They always had great adventures, and they always taught lessons about being loving and kind to others, values I’d like to teach my own son today.

Here are some more cute Care Bear pictures that you can use for your Facebook profile!

care bear pictures
Purple Care Bear is adorable!
care bear pictures
Sweet Dreams Care Bear
care bear picutres
Care Bear Buddies!