Cartoon Pictures For Facebook Profile: Speed Racer Races Over to Facebook!


speed racerCartoon pictures are popping up all over Facebook! From the Rugrats to Speedracer, grownups are flashing back to childhood by picking their favorite classic cartoon character to represent them in an effort to stand up against child violence.  All the cartoon favs from the 70’s, 80’s , and 90’s are making a big comeback this weekend!

Is Speed Racer your pick for a Facebook profile picture?


One of the favorite cartoon pictures for Facebook for guys is none other than Speed Racer.  Not the Speed Racer of the lame 2008 movie, but the Speed Racer from the cartoon series of the 1960’s and it’s 1993 sequel.    Speed and his Mach 5 was all the rage with little boys of a certain age and he’s seeing a big comeback as a profile picture.

Which cartoon character of the 70’s. 80’s and 90’s is your favorite?  Who is your pick for a cartoon picture for your Facebook profile picture?