Cartoon Pictures For Your Facebook Profile: Characters From The 70's

road runner, facebook cartoon
Road Runner Reemerges Through Facebook

We all know and love cartoons. They are one of our favorite past times growing up and many of these characters will forever be stuck in our memories.

In honor of posting cartoon pictures to your Facbeook profile, I decided to make a list of my all-time favorite cartoon characters from the 70’s the era I always wished I lived in.

1. Road Runner

Who didn’t love the Road Runner? He always had quick wit and clever maneuvers to get him out of any situation. That Wild E. Coyote could never catch up. “Beep, beep!”

2. Batman

The Dark Knight is the ultimate superhero. I still have Batman t-shirts to this day. He would be my pick for a profile picture.

3. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was originally a member of the ‘Super Friends’. She had the best costume out of the rest of a super crew that included Superman, Batman, and Aquaman, although hers was also the skimpiest. She is one fierce fighter!

Which character from the 70’s was your favorite?