Casey Abrams American Idol - Missing from More Than Just the Elimination Show! How Sick Is He?

casey abrams american idol
Casey Abrams American Idol

Casey Abrams was MIA from tonight’s American Idol live elimination show, but there are some signs that the singer may be more ill than they would like to let on.  The show had to let it out that Casey had been rushed to the hospital before the elimination show, but they failed to mention that he must have been sick earlier in the week when the weekly Ford commercial was taped because he’s  completely absent from that too! 

Watch the American Idol Ford Commercial below….

Whatever is going on with Casey Abrams, it seems pretty serious if it has caused him to be hospitalized twice in recent weeks and causing him to miss some of the highest profile moments of the show.     Casey’s ongoing health issues are bad news for fans of the musician who are beginning to wonder if he can make it through the entire competition

Photo: Fox