Casey Abrams Hospital: What Happened to Casey Abrams, How Can He Avoid Idol Stress?

what happened to casey abrams hospital
What happened to Casey Abrams on American Idol?

Sadly, Casey Abrams is in the hospital – what happened to Casey Abrams that caused him to miss out on the American Idol 10 top 13 results show? Why is Casey Abrams in the hospital… again?

This is the second time Casey Abrams is in the hospital during his American Idol run, suffering a bleeding ulcer due to stress.

But given all that the American Idol finalists have to do each week, how can Casey Abrams stay out of the hospital and keep healthy to continue in the competition?

After all, Casey Abrams is a favorite with fans! Watch Casey sing “With a Little Help From My Friends” during last night’s show in the video clip below. Wow!

Casey is reportedly staying in a separate room from the other American Idol finalists to get extra rest, but if you’ve noticed, the Idols have a lot to do every week rehearsals, red carpet events, premieres, Ford music videos, performances and of course, results shows.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of down time for a finalist to de-stress, so I hope Casey Abrams’ hospital visit this time is his last and he can get through the competition!

How can American Idol finalists avoid the stress?