Casey Anthony Asking $1.5 Million for Interview

where is casey anthony now released from jail
Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony is looking to cash in on her story, asking for at least $1.5 million from TV networks for her first interview.

According to several media reports, Anthony and her team of lawyers are seeking this payout  from networks interested in landing her first interview after being released from jail.

The question is will anyone pay that much for the exclusive?  Or rather, who will fork out that much cash first?

They just might.  ABC had a six-figure deal for home movies from Jaycee Dugard, who was held captive for 18 years in California.

But ABC released a statement earlier this week explaining they would never directly pay for an interview. NBC denied rumors they were courting Anthony.  However, networks do pay for licensing fees which allow them to show footage of home video and pictures.  Will they agree to something like this?

If one of the major networks does agree, they will shell out some big dollars for licensing fees but not likely they will be paying out $1.5 million.

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