Casey Anthony Fans Sent Her Money in Jail? Really?

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Casey Anthony supporters send her money in jail

After watching the Casey Anthony trial, you wouldn’t think the woman would have too many fans, but there are actually those supporters out there who believe that not guilty verdict and even want to help out Anthony.

Monetarily, that is.

People have actually been sending Casey Anthony cash while she’s in jail, checks that ABC News reports she’s used for snacks, cosmetics and toiletries.

Anthony has reportedly gotten $472.18 from 17 different supporters since May.

Of course, it’s not like she’s rolling in it, so she can’t have that many fans, but it’s still a shock to hear that she has supporters at all.

By comparison, an average inmate has an account balance of around $36.00.

Who would donate to Casey Anthony? Well, you guessed it… mainly men, ages 19 to late 50s.

One of her donors said, “I do not know Casey personally, nor am I supporting her as a person, nor am I anything like the people sending her love letters and asking her to marry them. However, what I am supporting is the jury’s decision to acquit based on lack of evidence failing to overcome the reasonable doubt standard.”

Ah, someone with faith in the judicial system.


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