Casey Anthony: Lawyer Speaks About Media Deal - Who Will Get Interview?

Who Will Get the 1st Casey Anthony Interview?

Casey Anthony‘s lawyer Jose Baez pretty much confirmed that the most hated and notorious mom in the country will cash in on her controversial tale. But really, can you blame her? Her earning potential options are extremely limited. Pretty much the only way to keep a roof over her head and food on the table (and not to mention to pay all those legal fees), is to make money via the media – a move that her lawyer Jose Baez addressed saying that she has…

“certain rights as an individual in this country and we will labor hard to make sure she has the ability to exercise those rights.’

But they plan to  deal with Anthony’s affairs in a “dignified manner.” He added that, “If she decides she wants to speak publicly about it, she’ll make that decision.”

One TV producer has reportedly offered her a million dollars for an interview (and they want to have hooked up to a lie detector test machine). The producer reportedly made claims that it’s a done deal, but Baez disputed this claim and said that he will meet with the producer to discuss.  There are also concerns from Anthony’s camp that there could be a boycott of any media outlet that pays Casey for her story, which could limit their options. On the other hand, there is a large demand for this interview so it’s doubtful a boycott would cause much damage.

So who will get the first interview? Baez reportedly had dinner with Geraldo Rivera, but that may have just been for the interview that Geraldo is doing with Baez (which airs on Monday night). The Today Show and GMA? They might want to steer clear of the interview. And although something more along the lines of Jerry Springer would be fitting, since Baez claims that they wanted to handle it with “dignity,” Springer would not be the place.

Would you watch the Casey Anthony interview if and when it airs?

What are the odds that we’ll get a Celebrity Mom Talk Show Confession?

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