Casey Anthony NOT Headed to Ohio? Then Where?

Casey Anthony Not Headed To Ohio?

After the most hated mom in the nation – Casey Anthony–  was released from prison at 12:08 a.m. on Sunday morning, there was much speculation about what would be next for Casey.  The only thing we really know if that she left the jail escorted by her lawyer Jose Baez and a couple of sheriff deputies and they were whisked off in a private SUV. They then reportedly went to a executive airport and boarded a private jet.

At the time of their arrival there was reportedly a plane headed to Ohio, where Casey Anthony has family and where she was originally from. But is she really headed to Ohio?

According to new reports, the plane that was taking off that was headed for Ohio was actually taking a group of golfers there, not Casey. The plane that headed to Ohio apparently took off at 1 a.m.. But sources said that Casey Anthony boarded a plane at 3 a.m..

Also, with being so incredibly hated, it seems that she would go somewhere where the limelight would not be. Casey Anthony’s family in Ohio has had their share of attention and already have issues about Casey. Her aunt does not believe a word of the abuse claims that Casey made against her brother (Casey’s dad), but she did say “I want my niece to know that I love her, I just wish she would speak the truth.”

So where is she really headed? She won’t be able to hide for long.

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