Casey Anthony Spotted! Photos Show Casey Anthony in Ohio

where is casey anthony spotting sighting ohio photos
Casey Anthony spotted in Ohio

Casey Anthony has been spotted, with TMZ posting photos of Casey Anthony in Ohio.

Seems Casey isn’t keeping things under the radar, as she was photographed on Sunday looking at dresses in Old Navy.

Casey Anthony did little to disguise herself, with TMZ reporting that she was “trying to blend in by wearing an Ohio State University baseball cap, a tight-fitting top and glasses as she walked around town.”

Anthony has reportedly gone to get mental health treatment, but we’d expect her to be trying to keep as low a profile as possible, not out and about, shopping in Ohio.

Is Casey Anthony heading to Orlando, Florida soon?

On Monday, a judge ordered Casey to return to Orlando within three days for probation on fraudulent check charges.

Her lawyer, Cheney Mason, commented: “Any requirement that she return to Orange County (would) put her in great peril, as well as impose a significant cost to taxpayers in securing her safety.”

Lead attorney Jose Baez says she likely won’t return to Orlando, saying it’s an issue of safety, and she’s completed the terms of probation. Watch Baez in this Today show video:

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