Casey Anthony Release: Does Katy Perry Resemble Casey? (Photo)

katy perry casey anthony
Do Katy Perry and Casey Anthony look alike?

Most people would probably love to trade places with singer Katy Perry on any given day. She’s young, she’s talented, and she’s incredibly beautiful, not to mention the fact that she has a pretty padded bank account!

After Casey Anthony’s release from jail, however, people may not be envying Katy Perry quite as much. A Yahoo blogger pointed out that Katy seems to bear an eerie resemblance to Casey. Take a look at the photo of the two of them side by side. Do you think they look alike?

As much as I hate to admit it, there definitely seems to be a bit of a similarity between them. With their dark hair and big eyes, their features do seem somewhat alike. Their faces are also the same shape.

There has been quite a bit of speculation over who will play Casey Anthony if a movie is made about her case, and names such as Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene have been dropped as possible people to play her. I don’t think that any of them will be too keen on playing that role, and I doubt Katy would either.

If Katy was ever considering changing her hair color, now might be the right time to do it.

Katy Perry Photo: PRPhotos


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